Dorman Fuel Tanks

When it comes to replacing a certain detail in your vehicle, quality should always be your first priority. In particular, when you buy a component as crucial as a fuel tank, you should thoroughly consider several options before making your final decision. Luckily, today you can always make your choice while staying in the comfort of your own house and simply browsing the websites of various manufacturers in your region.


Dorman fuel tanks

Dorman is a trusted manufacturer of replacement details that puts quality and durability of their spare parts ahead of everything else. The company has been in the car market for years, constantly testing and polishing their technology. Vast production line and outstanding performance of their goods have greatly contributed to the success of this US car spares website. For years now, the company has been combing inimitable quality with affordable prices. In plain terms, if you need a tank that lasts, you should definitely consider this American company as one of your options.
One of the obvious advantages is that you can actually make your choice on the company website,, place your order right there, and wait till the detail is delivered. Typically, it happens within 24 hours, yet, depending on your destination, you might sometimes have to wait up to 72 hours (tops).

Dorman Fuel Tanks

Product Selection

Dorman offers you a wide selection of tanks made of

  • Polyethylene
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Alloy Coated Steel
  • And even more!

You can see the full selection of products on the website.
Also, you should note that while choosing a particular Dorman replacement fuel tank, you will greatly depend on the model of your vehicle (obviously), and the tank that has been initially installed there. However, to give you some general idea about the product line, which can be roughly divided into plastic (polyethylene) and metal (steel, aluminum), we would like to pay your attention to the difference between these two major tank types.
Metal tanks, highly efficient in limiting fuel emissions have been a standard in the market for years. However, with an introduction of the plastic tanks, which are characterized by even lesser emissions and a complexity of shapes, polyethylene tanks gradually became a ubiquitous standard, almost completely eliminating their metal counterparts. For more info, check out performance characteristics here
So, even though steel tanks (not just any metal – steel) are considered to be more durable (they can actually serve you for decades and decades), plastic ones are now believed to be more efficient, safe in case of a car crash, and space-saving (they are often installed right over the rear axle).

Featured products and special offers

While browsing the website, make sure to check out their featured products, combing excellent quality and a very affordable price. To give you some general idea, certain featured items may actually cost less than a dollar, so do not miss your chance to purchase an amazing item without any damage to your pocket. While looking for a particular detail that needs replacement, scroll down to the featured products section, and you will not regret it. Whether you are looking for something big, like tanks, or something rather small, like Dorman fuel hoses, you will definitely find something to your liking in this highly appealing section.
By making use of Dorman special offers, you can always buy details from the best, most trusted manufacturer at the lowest cost possible. Dorman is constantly featuring new goods, and if you are interested in the latest offers, you can always browse their full selection of items at or at the Featured Products section on the company website.

Supplementary products

Dorman replacement fuel parts are numerous, which is why it won’t be difficult to find a set of minor supplementary items to your main purchase. Plus, if you are certain that your main problem is not in the tank itself, but rather in its contents, you can easily choose from a great number of Dorman fuel delivery spare parts, including filters, pumps, lines, hoses, and so on and so forth. Each of the components is carefully tested in order to offer you the greatest product at the most reasonable price, thus, guaranteeing outstanding driving experience, as well as ensuring maximum safety and efficiency.

Advantages of the site

Briefly, offers you a set of undeniable advantages, including

  • Excellent spare parts from the most trusted manufacturers
  • Quick delivery (72 hours and less)
  • Wide choice of main and supplementary products
  • Affordable prices
  • User-friendly search and order system
  • Featured products at incredibly low prices
  • Regular updates and introduction of new items
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Now You Can Count Tata Nano As the Best Police Car in India

Though police cars are said to be quite high in price, there are so many fine priced and style of police cars that you can come across. However, the good news is now you can see them in one of the popular developing country that is India. Taking into account the huge number of population and traffic pertaining in each city, this mini car has been set as the best police car available at a cost friendly value. The car some with some of the amazing technologies and specifications which makes it worth to choose. For more information, you can have glimpse on the gallery of the car model or choose the best of the video to look for in detail perception about this car
Why as a Police Car?
With so many latest technologies and equipments coming up every day, Nano has been designed as the ultimate police car with the concept of good speed and great features. This patrolling car provides out to be the competition for other popular cars too. It comes with the red white designs and also the blue strips that make it a prefect police car at a great value available. You can watch out some great inline sites where it images has been captured for you to have the check on such glimpse. Now you can count Tata Nano as the best Police car in India.
Features’ that makes it prefect
It has got lot many safety features like seat belt and great comfort seating
It is a fuel efficient car
It is short, and comfort and ideal for the huge traffic
Its speed is pretty best to reach on time
It comes with a great mileage
With so many features and great design, you can certainly like the concept of this patrolling car which will be soon releasing in India. So watch out and hold your breath to reveal this amazing concept which you will get at a great deal.

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FIA Invites Applications to Form New F1 Team

Do you have a passion for racing? Or you see your future in formula one racing?  Then it is a golden opportunity for you. FIA invites application to form a new Formula One team on the grid. In fact, it was happened 3 years ago in 2010 last time, when 15 interest parties had submitted their applications. At That time, The FIA ended the procedure by choosing three applications namely, Virgin, Lotus, and HRT.  All these three got picked immediately, for instance, Marussia had undertaken Virgin, Lotus team became Caterham and the Hispania Racing team dropped out.
But, fortunately, now FIA is reportedly opening application to find a suitable replacement for HRT and expand the grid back to 12 teams. So, after 3years long gap, all potential new teams are humbly invited to register a formal expression of interest with FIA by January 3, which is just 3 weeks away. If insiders to be believe and we pay attention to the speculation, it is said that FIA could already have some applicants in its mind.
The new FIA TEAM would have to commit to be on grid by 2015, and remain associated through 2020. According to the regulation, there can be as many as 13 teams on the grid, so if the FIA finds more than one suitable applicants, it is possible that it gives both a shot at the large league. It is worth stating here that FIA has sole discretion over which the applicants will be selected.

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Notch Mustang of Creations n’ Chrome is a Unique One

You must have seen so many amazing models from the old era say whether it was Mercedes Benz or Mustang.  Their models were simply worth to watch out for and take a ride. However, there was none other car collar that the Fox-Body Ford Mustang. If you don’t agree, you can certainly take a look at the model of Mustang Coupe of the year 1990 which would certainly change your taste. The car was modified in much better manner and later was renamed as the Top Notch Mustang from Creations n’ Chrome.
More about the Top Notch Mustang
It is one of the new concepts which have come long way with so many great technologies and styles to take a look at. Following are the features that would keep your mouth wide open.
Carbon-fiber bits
. 855 horsepower at the rear wheels
Good engine
Wildwood brakes
Weight savings
Illuminator V8 from Ford Racing
Sparco interior items
More about this Invention
Race-prepped 1990 Mustang Coupe by Creations n’ Chrome is one of the best car that has ever come. It is user friendly, safer and the exterior body panels have been designed by Motor City Solutions. Creations n’ Chrome has always introduced the best of the cars so far in different shows and certainly Mustang is one of its best inventions so far. Looking at the style and the concept of the car, it seems that the winning chances if this car are certainly high.
This top notch car is light in weight and comes with simply amazing style and design. If you are looking forward to get this car and drive the baby all way round, then certainly gear up yourself and get a ride of this car today and know why is it so popular and in demand.

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GT Concept to Be in Production Soon

Yes! You have heard it absolutely right. Kia Motors is soon planning to launch the GT concept on road which was reveled in the frank fruit motor show two years back. As per the latest reports made, it seems that the company is soon going to start with the production.
About KIA Motors
Kia Motors is one of the popular companies that manufactures the best quality cars and is considered as the second-largest automobile manufacturer. The company is located in South Korea on Seoul and has been showing tremendous profit over the past few years.
The GT Concept to come on Road
Looking at the production model, it is expected that the production model will use the concept of four door coupe or not. The focus of this concept is to offer the rear orientation with some of the great advantage technologies. It potentially offers all wheel drive gestures which are quite exceptional.
Features to Enjoy
Stunningly new designed
Great horsepower
Amazing designs
Good comfort
Variety of colors
Looking at the popularity which the Kia motors have gained after their releases of GT concept, it seems, that they are planning to soon launch the small roadster concept is Mazda MX 5 at the Detroit show. So let us cross the fingers and hope to get the best of the new releases in the upcoming year.
GT concept has gained popular and is expected to run on the road soon. However, looking at the production rate at which the Kia motors will start up, it is expected to be on the road in next two years. Sop finger crossed guys. Let us hope for yet another best invention to run with amazingly great technologies and all new concepts.

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Saab 900 Turbo – The Story Behind the Famous Bond Vehicle

Saab 900 Turbo is the known name in both, automobile industry as well as Hollywood. The famous vehicle has been the James Bond’s choice for his movies due to its startling screen presence and its description in the original novel. The car model of Saab 900 Turbo used in the James Bond’s movie was actually designed to the liking and preferences of James Bond. It was well loaded with features and was quite well known for its distinctive performance. Though, Saab has now become an age old tradition, its unique features are still not forgotten.
Features of Saab 900 Turbo as flaunted by James Bond
It was equipped with modified fuel system that was capable of running on gasoline as well as petrol.
The special turbo engine with water-cooling technology was installed to get the top speed more than 170 mph.
It was also loaded with gadgets like mobile phone, text messaging system, external tear gas ducts, oxygen masks, and so on.
The Bond’s car is offered with special heavy duty tires from Dunlop Denovos that has self-sealing property even when shot with a bullet.
The armor plated body and bullet proof glasses where amongst the special Bond version.
There were many hi-tech and routine features offered as a part of Saab package. Later in the year 1982, Saab came up with same License Renewed car version with a modified Turbo engine. The power was also enhanced to 240 BHP from 2000 cc with acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds.
The car made a history, but was auctioned in Saab museum in 2012 after the bankruptcy of the company in the year 2011. The marvelous looks of this iconic car have still remained unmatched.

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What Makes Telsa Motors Electric Car Powerful?

One of the popular models that have been launched in the market so far which has gained popularity over the past few years; the Tesla Model S is in great demand. Tesla Model SThis full sized electric car comes with the hatch back and is one of the new releases by the Telsa Motors. However, the car has been into news for the fact it is one of its kind that being an electric car it runs smoothly and covers the long mile without any kind of problem.
Tesla Model S-The Upcoming model to look at:
The model was released in Europe in the year 2013 in Netherlands, Norway’s and Switzerland whereas the first view of the car was released in the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. There are different eversions of Model S can with some of the amazing features that you may hardly notice in any other electric car.
Some of the additional features to enjoy:
60 kW·h battery pack
Weight between 35 to 77 lb (16 to 35 kg
125,000 mi (201,000 km) for the base mode
85 kHz battery pack guaranteed for eight years
Luggage space
To know more about how the car runs and why is it superior as compared to other, you can take a look at the video in which you would get an answer in how fast it runs. Hough the model is bit big, but it offers great comfort and covers up miles. Along with the power and space, the car is known for the good passenger capacity and covers the long miles. Thanks to the latest battery model, it can reach to the top speed of 120 mph (190 km/h) for accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds.
Check out the amazing video to know what makes this car an amazing one to go for and how fast it can run inspite of being the electric car.

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Taiwanese Motorist Just Now Got Lucky by Surviving the Mudslide

Seen some of the unexpected incidents? But is it that you are looking forward to see something where luck plays a dominating role? If yes then certainly this is the right page where you have landed up. You must have seen some of the amazing survivors of the natural disaster because of their luck playing the best role. Once such incident has been recorded from the dash cam which you shouldn’t give it miss.Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 10.26.16 PM
Story which tells it all
Yes, the car has been the lucky survivor form one of the natural disaster that took place at the Taiwanese costal park. The car just got saved form a bad hit with 3 seconds and thus proved to be a lucky fellow to get out of the huge trouble. The mudslide took place without any kind of signs. The car on the roadway at a regular speed just got saved from the bad hot and the lucky motorist got captured in other cars dash cam. This amazing video is something you should not give it a miss.
How the Incident took Place?
Natural disaster can occur anytime. It is one such unexpected thing that you must expect anywhere anytime. However, lucky ones will get a new life if they survive such disaster. One such example got captured in the dash car that you should not give it a miss. The mud slide was more of a like iceberg sized rock under which anybody could have died. However, thanks to the car being in the pretty good speed, it could manager to escape the trouble and thus survivors could heave a sigh of relief.
Check out the amazing video and know how luck the Motorist actually was. Being in the speed yet surviving the mud slide by 3 seconds is surely not a joke. Enjoy watching out this amazing video.

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The Spyker B6 Venator Spyder, the roofless wonder has come into town

Who can forget the Spyker B6 Venator? This is the only car that’s ever come close to giving the Porche 911 in any kind of competition.
It’s been a while but this week at the Pebble Beach, the Dutch sports car giant revealed their latest concept, the Skyper B6 Venator Spyder.
The concept is nothing that’s ever been seen before. The open-top Spyder marks a designing breakthrough in the evolutionary process of Spyker marque. It’s the perfect cross between a symbol of modernity yet holding a tribute to classical concepts. The design lines are in tune with Spyker’s aviation heritage.
The new concept follows the coupe version that was earlier spotted at the Geneva Motor Show this year. Just as coupe was installed with a six speed automatic gear body and 375bhp plus mid mounted V6, so has the Spyker B6 Venator Spyder. The two seater sports car with aluminum rear drive managed to retain its curb weight at, “less than 1400kg,” despite the addition of the folding roof mechanism. The new concept also mirrors the 1882mm wide and 4347mm long dimensions of the coupe.
Other similarities between the open roof concept and its hard headed counterpart are the design of the carbon fiber body and interior specifications. The only differences that are noticeable are the folding roof instead of glass, a new engine cover matching the interiors with quilted leather and rollover hoops behind the rear seats.
Victor Muller, the mastermind behind the project and boss of Spyker, claimed that the production version of the coupe as well as the spyder will be in the market by 2014. The European stretch will find the car priced at 95,000 pounds.
Whether it’s worth the money or not is for you to decide, but whom else but Spyker could make such a stunning style statement? No plastics, and all aluminum, the car is definitely one for the collection.

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Have a Look at the Four Artists Behind the Nissan’s GT-R Engine

Nissan has been able to make its name in the market of sports by launching exclusive sports cars.  2013-Nissan-GT-R-engine The engineers of the company have been always successful in presenting the people with advanced cars. The models that the company has launched have always impressed the race car lovers. Some of the people who are not directly associated with the race course have also bought them only due the reason that they offer great style.

The car in question

The team of engineers headed by Takumi Kurosawa has been able to build a new advanced engine. This engine will be used to power the next generation of racing cars. The super cars that this Japanese company is going to manufacture next will be powered by the VR38 engines. The other members of the team are Tsunemi Oyama, Izumi Shioya and Nobumitsu Gozu

Some exciting features of the new innovation

The team ensures that every twin turbo engine is able to perform as per expectation.2013 Nissan GT-R For this they take great care of the engines as soon as they enter the clean room for getting assembled.
The four men are very proud of their work. They are only in the history of this Japanese car company who has got the permission to put their names on the cars.
The name of these four skilled people will be now seen on the GT-R engines. One of the team members has claimed that this in some way has put some sort of positive pressure on them.
According to the leader of team it is possible for any person to learn the process of building the GT-R engine if he is skilled. This will take only three to four months.
The four have a cumulative experience of more than 100 years in the car industry. This has given them the ability to inspect each and every part of the engine. This ensures quality.
They have able to guarantee that the cars can be both run on the race courses and taken out to buy groceries. And all these can be done on the same day.

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